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SAMS Technical Publishing Guarantee
SAMS Technical Publishing guarantees that all SAMS Photofact® and SAMS Quickfact® manuals purchased from any official SAMS website will be the complete manual as originally produced by SAMS. All Photofact® and Quickfact® manuals are available in electronic format or hard copy.
All Photofacts will contain: a complete set of schematics; voltages; wave forms; component location guides; parts list & service adjustments. All Quickfact® manuals will contain: a power supply schematic; a board placement diagram with connector charts; component locations; service adjustments and parts list.
OEM User & OEM Service manuals will contain the information as originally written by the manufacturer. Since SAMS did not create these OEM manuals we are not responsible for the information contained within. SAMS does strive to only sell those manuals that contain high quality information that include detailed schematics, parts lists and essential repair procedures to aide you in servicing the product or products that need repair.
If the quality of the provided document you receive is not of sufficient quality to allow review of the material, SAMS in it's sole discretion, will provide a higher quality version at no additional charge where available.
Guarantee requests will be considered if received within 14 days of the original "Invoice Date" on your receipt. You can make your request by contacting SAMS through email at or by phone at 1-800-428-7267. Please include your "Invoice Number" and "Reference Number" from your original receipt and a prefered method for contacting you.
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